Sini Shetty

Crowned As Miss India World 2022

Sini Shetty is a model and social media sensation from India. She gained notoriety after being named Miss India 2022. Sini Shetty is 21-year-old, and she hails from Karnataka.

Her Favorite Quote

"Keep looking until you find it, Be committed, Defy convention, Respect your goal, Surprise yourself. Know what achieving your goal means to you."

Sini's Motto of Life

You can't just jump to the end. The journey is the best part. Know what the achievement means to you, respect it.

Industrious, Tenacious, Empathetic, and a Hustler.

Her Personality

Sini Shetty With Rubal Shekhawat and Shinata Chauhan

Three qualities that every woman must possess: Tenacious, Industrious, Compassion

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