MX Player Lock Upp Netizens React After Kangana’s Show Players Fail To Name India’s President

MX Player Lock Upp Netizens React to Kangana’s Performance The players are unable to identify India’s President. Kangana Ranaut’s Lock-Up is currently one of the most-watched shows in which she stars as the host. During recent tasks on the reality show, the contestants were asked some questions, and some of them were unable to answer even the most basic ones. One such question asked the name of India’s President, but four of the contestants, Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey, Sara Khan, and Nisha Rawal, were unable to answer it correctly.

MX Player Lock Upp Netizens React After Kangana's Show Players Fail To Name India's President

Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey, and other contestants are unable to name India’s President. Soon after, netizens began mocking the contestants for not knowing the fundamentals.

Payal Rohatgi, who claims to have extensive political knowledge, was trolled for the same. She also failed to respond to a question about Twitter’s word limit, which is 280 but Payal said it’s 140.

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Netizens mocked the MX Player Lock Upp contestants On Social Media

Netizens mocked the contestants, writing, “Payal Rohatgi frequently expresses her views on political issues, but she has no idea who is the president of India,” while another said, “Every day she wakes up with her camera & brain to make videos & teach everyone Indianism, but she doesn’t know India’s President Name, National Sweet name, etc.” Thanks to Munawar, he knows more about India.”

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On the first day of Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut and contestant Payal Rohatgi were seen exchanging heated words. As part of the show’s format, each contestant must go through a media trial in which they will be questioned about the controversial things they have done in the past. During one of these interrogations, Payal Rohatgi was overheard citing Kangana as an example when she was accused of being a parasite. The two were then seen engaging in a verbal brawl.

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